Thinking, real thinking, is becoming a thing of the past. With access to virtually any and all information at our finger tips it is not uncommon to rely on technology or other people to do our thinking. I believe we do ourselves a disservice by not giving consideration to the real questions of life such as “Why am I here?” or “What is my purpose in life?” or Where am I going?” or “What am I achieving?” These and many other questions provide solid fodder for good discussion and expand our thinking. These are the issues I try to concentrate upon when writing my blog. You may want to spend a few moments on that page.

Website100HuntleyStreet1Also, you may want to check out my three books. They are each different and fit into a niche of their own.

Miracles: Coincidence or Divine Intervention? These are stories from personal experience and from traveling in Eastern Europe for twenty years with Eurovangelism. It really is a book of miracles. You can read more about it here.

Real Faith – What’s at the heart of the Gospel  is a book which outlines the Christian faith. It covers what we believe, why we believe and what is expected of us because we believe. It is available as a Kindle version or print version. Click on the cover image on the left for more information.

“Body Parts and the Invisible You” is a book about Life. It covers a myriad of subjects which we all face on this journey of life – how we react and perhaps how we should respond.

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