Have you ever wondered whether God is alive and whether or not He intervenes in the lives of ordinary people?

Have you asked questions like “Does God answer prayer?” “Does God heal?” “Does God guide?” and other questions with which we sometimes struggle?

Website100HuntleyStreet1If so, I’d like to encourage you to have a look at my blog and two books I’ve written (“If we only knew …” and “Real Faith”) which may help enlighten you and strengthen you in your faith.

In 2009 I published my first book, “If we only knew…Remarkable true stories of God’s Intervention.”  These were stories from personal experience and from my twenty years traveling into Eastern Europe with Eurovangelism. It really is a book of miracles. You can read more about it here.

My second book – “Real Faith – What’s at the heart of the Gospel” – is now published and is available as a Kindle version or print version. Click on the cover image on the left for more information, or view purchase details on the right side of the page.

Real Faith is a book which spells out why we believe, what we believe and what is expected of us because we believe. It was birthed out of the concept that our knowledge and expectations are rather hazy, particularly when we first make a commitment to the Christian faith.

So thank you for visiting. I trust you will check out these few pages and will go away with something that will bless you. Do feel free to contact me with your comments or questions.

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