John grew up and was educated in the United Kingdom. He studied theology in Birmingham, England and in Toronto, Canada.

His life experience has been in business, in pastoral ministry, in Christian journalism and for the last twenty years before retirement he was the Executive Director of Eurovangelism Canada.  Eurovangelism is a British mission which has been working in Eastern Europe for approximately fifty years.

A number of the stories found in John’s book “If we only knew…” are from the years he travelled into Russia and Eastern Europe on behalf of Eurovangelism. “If we only knew…” has now been revised, re-edited and partially re-written and republished under the new title of “Miracles: Coincidence or Divine Intervention?”

John being interviewed by 100HuntleyStreet – Click image to view.

John is married to Rita and they have two grown children and five grandchildren. He and Rita now live on the West Coast of Canada.

Although retired John continues to be involved in various forms of ministries, including pulpit ministry, public speaking and writing.

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