Body Parts by John Murray

BODY PARTS AND THE INVISIBLE YOU is a book with a difference.  It could be referred to as an intriguing hodge-podge because of the many subjects it covers:

Three monkeys had their heads transplanted……A chimpanzee was given a man’s heart…..Microchips now surgically placed under the human skin…..Mind over matter is for real..….Negativity is insidious…..Positivity is powerful……Are the Elderly physically decrepit psychological misfits? ….. Does time exist in space? …….Where is your mind? …..Is Depression a prison with no escape? …..Regrets we carry……What is success? ……. These are just some of the points you will find woven in and out of this thirty-eight chapter book.

What people are saying……

“Imagine the culinary convenience of fine French cuisine available at a drive-through window. Such is the ease with which you will read this succinctly written compilation of petite engaging topics and stories that will provide pleasure and provoke your mind and imagination. Expect to be amused, surprised, motivated, alarmed, and inspired, to chuckle, to groan, to think and to act”                Dr. Ron Unruh.

I’m impressed with John’s insight into the human soul and his prescription for hope. You’ll enjoy his book!”      Dr. Garth Leno

“This book is like wine tasting, it is best sampled and savored.                                                                                          Robert Humphries, Ph.D.

“John carefully and poignantly covers many practical aspects of life in this book. His wisdom and his own life experiences allows him to challenge the reader to reflect on their own life in a way that does not simply react but encourages the reader to respond to these challenges by proactively pursuing improved and better choices in life.                                                                                                                                       Bill King, President – The Nova Group Inc.

“In this collection of pieces about life’s common and not so common experiences, John Murray invites reflection on how we face each day……… his wide-ranging observations will stimulate your intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth, encouraging you to purposeful living. John excels in finding significant life lessons hiding under the clutter of daily routine.”                                        David Daniels, M.T.S., M.Min.

 This book is full of good advice and wisdom. It points you in the direction of a healthy and whole life, both in body and spirit. It stresses the importance of “living in the now” and being fulfilled in the present.                                                                                   David Carson. B.Sc., PGCE,

“In this compilation of thought-provoking chapters, John has written on a variety of subjects, some of which we would not normally have the time or inclination to pursue. In fact, some topics would bring out an innate reluctance in us to explore.                         David North. B.Ed., M.Ed.

Body Parts and the Invisible You is an incredible read. Each chapter brings a whole new interest and is a feast of wisdom and insight. The book will inspire, challenge, motivate and encourage you. I highly recommend it.”                                                                Peter Lowe, Founder, Get Motivated Seminars.

So if you lead a busy life and want something you can pick up for a quick read, this is the book. Its short inspiring chapters will provide encouraging reflections on life. It will help you respond to life instead of reacting.

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