Significance… it important?

Significance….is it important? I would be amazed if significance is not high on your mental agenda. Whether you have thought about it or not. That is the way we are. None of us wants to feel insignificant. All of us need to have a sense of being, a reason for being. We need a sense […]

The Bane of Negativity.

The Bane of Negativity! Negativity is insidious. Few people like to acknowledge having a negative attitude.  To counter such a suggestion people say, “I’m not negative, I’m being realistic!”  But being realistic is not the opposite of being positive! This is not to say that all negative statements are out of place. There are statements […]

The Scourge of Individualism.

The Scourge of Individualism! With a particular situation in mind, I asked a friend the other day what he felt would drive a man to mistreat his wife after many years of marriage. His immediate answer was, “Individualism. It’s all about me!” This I guess would be the same motivation for someone to push in […]

Speak to me……………..Please!

SPEAK TO ME………PLEASE!! We live in a technological age. Communication between us has never been so easy, so available and so well used but are we losing the art of communication? Someone said to me recently that young people are losing the ability to talk and discuss issues. They communicate with each other endlessly but […]

Great Expectations!!

GREAT EXPECTATIONS……!! What do you expect of me? What do I expect of you? I believe the answers to those two questions influence our behavior. How much freedom do we have in the conduct of our lives? How much of what we do is to keep others pacified or happy? How often do we act […]

Think twice, Choose once…!

THINK TWICE, CHOOSE ONCE…!! None of us are exempt from making choices. Throughout life we make choices, some small, some big, some good, some bad but the end result is the same – we have to live with the results of those choices, be they bitter or sweet. Many things we choose are common place […]

The Miracle of Caregiving Part 5 (Final)

The Miracle of Caregiving Part 5. When does it all end? In Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 we considered the various aspects of caregiving in an attempt to understand the issues which confront us. Today’s subject is more difficult. In this fifth and final part we look squarely at the future. There is no […]

The Miracle of Caregiving Part 4

The Caregiver. Part 4. Take a break! Parts one, two and three were given over to understanding the situation we find ourselves in and the requirements we need to successfully do the job that is upon us. Today we look at the crucial issue of taking a break or dealing with burnout. Please don’t think […]

The Miracle of Caregiving Part 3

The Miracle of Caregiving! Part 3. What is required of us? In Part one and Part two we looked at how we fell into this responsibility as caregiver and then tried to understand the overall situation. Today we look more closely at what the job demands from us. Every situation is different and has its […]

The Miracle of Caregiving Part 2

The Miracle of Caregiving! Part 2. Understanding the situation. In Part one we looked at how we arrived at where we are in this role of caregiving. Now we look at the situation itself in an attempt to understand it more fully. It is difficult to be of any use if we do not first […]

The Miracle of Caregiving!

The Miracle of Caregiving! Part 1. How did it happen? Some of you know that my wife Rita has Parkinson’s. Consequently I have become a caregiver. I am not an expert, far from it, I am still learning but let me share a few thoughts on being a caregiver in the hope that it might […]

The Elderly are People too…

Do you remember the days when as young people we would think in terms of “an old man of 60”? Well, now that I am sixteen years past that age I naturally think differently. I think I prefer the word mature rather than old or elderly. It is said that seniors always consider elderly to […]

Sadly, the time has come…

Transitions in life are not the most favorite of events. As you get older changes become more difficult. Unfortunately, some things have to be done out of necessity rather than choice. For those interested to know, we are moving into a Retirement Community just a few miles away. We are leaving our lovely 1500 sq.ft […]

Where is your Mind?

Where is your mind? – Part 1. When you have done something without thinking people ask, “Where was your mind?” meaning, what were you thinking. However, if someone asks you “Where is your mind?” what would you say? Naturally your answer would be something like, “In my head” or “In my brain.” Both of these […]

Easter is for Christians!

I cannot believe that it was fifty years ago when I wrote an article entitled “Easter is for Christians!” Looking at that article I can tell you little has changed since then in relation to the celebration of this pinnacle of our Christian Faith. Our society has come to treat Christmas and Easter as just […]

Confessions of a Caregiver!

Maybe you are reading this and you are like me. You have become a Caregiver. It was not asked for. It was not sought but it evolved as part of your marriage or family commitment. My wife Rita contracted Parkinson’s almost seven years ago and gradually the role of Caregiver has inevitably fallen to me. […]

This business of dying!

Two days ago I wrote about a friend who had been diagnosed with cancer. A week and a half ago he told me about it over coffee and indicated he had up to eleven months to live. Yesterday afternoon he died! It was exactly 12 days from the day he told me! As friends, how […]

How would you react to this?

Just over a week ago I sat with a friend in McDonalds having a coffee together. He shocked me with the news that he had cancer of the liver and was given five to eleven months to live. He appeared to be coming to terms with it and even talked about his funeral. I wondered […]

Are you ready for this?

ARE YOU READY FOR THIS? Last weekend we heard of the unexpected hospitalization of a friend. This weekend we heard about the passing of two men relatively young in age. I say relatively because both were nowhere near the age we associate with death, one was 41 while the other was 57. Both died of […]

What is important to you?

WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU? Last week we heard that a friend was in hospital unexpectedly. When that happens the situation surrounding the person’s health suddenly becomes the focus of the family and rightly so. All other aspects of life take a back seat. Things we thought were so important in our everyday lives suddenly […]

What does it take to open our eyes?

Are you living in the past, in the future or are you living in the “now”?   I recently read a book entitled, “Chasing the Daylight’ by Eugene O’Kelly. He was the CEO of KPMG, the large international accounting firm. He wrote the book after he had been diagnosed with brain cancer and given three months […]

Many are cold but few are frozen!

You have probably heard this humorous play on the words, “Many are called but few are chosen.”  It is far from my thoughts to open up a theological can of worms by discussing this phrase, but the word “calling” has long been one to provoke interesting discussion. I would ask you this question, “Do you […]

Does this disturb you?

Over the last week I have learned of three disturbing trends, well, disturbing to me anyway. The first was a report which stated that 70% of young people are leaving the Church once they are through high school. It was then stated that only 50% of them return some years later. I’m not sure where […]

Ever been exposed to a nerve gas?

A nerve gas is used in chemical warfare. It is considered to be a weapon of mass destruction because of its ability to destroy thousands of people at one time. You might say “If I had been exposed to that, I would not be here now” and you would most likely be right, although many […]

Can we talk about Body parts?

Referring to false teeth, false legs and false arms, I heard a comedian once say that there were some people walking around who have very little left, compared to what they started out with!! Since he passed on, we have moved on to heart, kidney and liver transplants. More recently we even saw a total […]

The Royal Baby and You!

Not that he knew much about it, but yesterday the royal baby was presented to the world. Millions of people appreciated that special moment. Although having no name, as yet, he has a title, Prince of Cambridge. William and Kate acted like any other new parents, proud to show off their new baby and rightly […]

Ever hit a brick wall?

Have you ever walked into a glass patio door thinking it was open? It gives you quite a rude awakening. Even walking into a screen door is quite a shock, although not quite so painful.  Recently I had a rude awakening. I have enjoyed, and still enjoy, my retirement during which time I have cared […]

Should there be evidence of conversion?

EVIDENCE OF CONVERSION!! There is no greater evidence of the effectiveness of the Gospel than a changed life. In the past we have known a New York gang member who became a New York evangelist. We have known a “Hell’s Angel” biker who became an ordained pastor. I know a man who was once a […]

Can you be a Christian without the Holy Spirit?

If we profess to be a Christian, whether we know it or not, it was the Spirit of God who caused us to see ourselves as we were–people in need of salvation and reconciliation with God. It was he who brought us to faith in Christ and birthed us into the family of God. It […]

A World without the Holy Spirit!

Can you imagine living with the absence of God’s Spirit?  Without the presence of the Holy Spirit, the world would be in an abysmal state. Whether we recognize it or not, the Holy Spirit works through the church and believers—who are the church—to bring an element of social conscience. Through this, the Spirit of God […]

Church without the Holy Spirit!

The church would not, and could not, exist without the presence of the Holy Spirit. It is interesting that the ministry of Jesus was inaugurated by the anointing of the Spirit at his baptism, and the church was inaugurated by a collective anointing of the Spirit of God. The church was birthed at Pentecost. It […]

Is the Holy Spirit a person or symbol of God’s power?

How would you like to be referred to as an “it” or simply an “influence”? This is how many people refer to the Spirit of God or consider him to be the symbol of God’s power without personality. We should remember that he a person within the Godhead and shares co-equality with God the Father […]

Was the resurrection really necessary?

Easter comes next month so we will be thinking about the resurrection of Jesus. But was it important? Was it necessary? Could we not get by without it?  The resurrection of Jesus has probably received the biggest onslaught to disprove its authenticity than any other event in history. Philosophers, Scholars, scientists, and historians have made […]

What do you think, did Jesus have to die?

For centuries men have questioned the death of Jesus, the means of his death, its necessity, the reason, the logic and every other aspect with which the finite mind struggles. Recently I read that some even consider Christ’s death as “cosmic child abuse” by God the Father.  The essence is that Jesus was born to […]

Should we be surprised?

We live in times of unprecedented opposition to the Christian Faith, from the subtle erosion of freedom, to the open diabolic incarceration and killing of believers – simply because they are believers! Yet we should remind ourselves that it was Jesus who said, “In this world you will have trouble” (John 16:33) and also “If […]

The Bible, True or False?

If you think the Bible is just another book with some nice spiritual platitudes or perhaps a book of ancient history. If you believe it is just a collection of stories put together by different authors to express their faith or individual principles of life, you have missed the point and its purpose totally. The […]

Do you understand the Trinity?

Because we might not understand it or cannot explain it, do we ignore the doctrine of the Trinity? For us who are Christian it is a pillar of our Faith. We believe in one God, a Triune God, which means Tri-unity, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. These three make […]

Have you experienced rejection?

I have recently been reading about the devastating effects of rejection. If there is anything that we find hard to deal with, it is rejection. To be ostracized for whatever reason has led to many people becoming so despondent and seriously depressed, causing some to commit suicide. Rejection has led others to become “loners” and […]

Is Kindness Contagious?

Recently there was a video going around on Facebook which showed people doing small acts of kindness or thoughtfulness and the comments were along the lines of “If only there was more of this, the world would be a better place to live in!” I am sure we all concur with that thinking. For the […]

Do we understand the omniscience of God?

The omniscience of God is not something we talk about everyday. Have you ever considered how we are affected by it? Let me give you another couple of quotations from my book, “Real Faith” to mull over.  “Because of God’s omniscience, he is totally aware of every aspect of every situation. Because of this he […]