Body Parts and The Invisible You

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What is it that makes us tick? Why do we each react to situations differently? Why do we think the way we do? Is mind over matter a reality? Are we living to make a difference? Do we work for change? Are we making a positive contribution to our society?

These are questions which make us take stock of ourselves. We need to reflect on life or we may find ourselves living in a meaningless cruise control mode? Life itself should make us think. How much do you think about the road you have travelled? Do you ever consider what has happened to you and how you have been brought to where you are today? How has your past affected you? How has it affected others around you? Could you have reacted differently in some areas? Should you have acted differently? Should you have responded instead of reacting?

In Body Parts, you will find a collection of pieces, some of which were originally written for social media but have been revised and re-written. The subjects are as varied as life itself, covering common and not so common issues. They have been inspired by things I have read, by events that have taken place or by things people have said.

Some chapters you might find a little humorous while others are more serious and, who knows, maybe even bring a tear or two. You will not agree with me on everything and that is how it should be. We are all different and have our own opinions and see things from a different perspective. These chapters simply convey observations on life as I have experienced it.

What People Are Saying about Body Parts and The Invisible You …

“Expect to be amused, surprised, motivated, alarmed, and inspired, to chuckle, to groan, to think and to act.”

– Dr. Ron Unruh, Author and Artist

“I’m impressed with John’s insight into the human soul and his prescription for hope. You’ll enjoy his book!”

– Dr. Garth Leno, Senior Pastor, The Gathering, Windsor, Ontario

“…his wide-ranging observations will stimulate your intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth, encouraging you to purposeful living…”

– David Daniels, M.T.S., M.Min. Freelance Writer and Book Reviewer

“Body Parts and the Invisible You is an incredible read. Each chapter brings a whole new interest and is a feast of wisdom and insight. The book will inspire, challenge, motivate and encourage you. I highly recommend it.”

– Peter Lowe, Founder, Get Motivated Seminars and Businesspeople of Faith