Invitation to Joy


This world would be a better place if we had more love, kindness, and generosity.

Invitation to Joy encourages just that. It demonstrates with warm true-life stories that by reaching out to others with love and kindness, the reciprocal returns are multiplied. However, the book also points to a deeper purpose, a more lasting joy which has a spiritual component and will see you through the darkest of life’s valleys.

Invitation to Joy is full of encouragement and will set you on the road to happiness and joy. Your spirit will be uplifted as you discover the reality of a purpose-filled life.

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In Praise of Invitation to Joy.

“In Invitation to Joy, author John Murray offers winsome insights into navigating, with grace and empathy, the complexities of our world. From a rich and altruistic life, John has written with wisdom this heartfelt call to action, urging us to prioritize love, kindness, and respect in our interactions. He reminds us that our choices ripple through life, leaving a legacy of optimism and harmony. In a fractured world, Invitation to Joy shows us the path to a life of purpose, meaning, and hope.”

Dr. Ron Unruh, Author, and Artist.

“This book. ‘Invitation to Joy’ is a thoughtful, honest, practical, and highly inspirational overview of the realities of life on earth and beyond. The writer’s style is cordial and inviting, drawing the reader in to examine one’s own life and future. Tough issues and hard questions are not avoided, providing credibility, authenticity, substance, encouragement, joy, and hope.”

Dr. Norman Ickert.

“In a convulsing world of pain and sorrow, inequality, injustice, violence and corruption, John Murray invites us to pursue joy-filled, purposeful living. John’s insightful reflections help us see the positives in all-too-often negative circumstances. He reminds us that looking beyond ourselves, generously giving of our time and resources to help others, always ready to forgive and to be forgiven of inevitable failures is the route to a joyful, contented life.

“While this call is open to all, John contends the ultimate joy-filled, purposeful life comes to those whose lives are fueled by a love for God found through a personal commitment to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.  As with John’s five previous books, and I’ve read them all, his writing is informative, challenging and encouraging. I encourage you to accept his Invitation to Joy.”

David Daniels, Fellowship Baptist Pastor (Retired), Freelance Writer and Reviewer.

“John Murray’s ‘Invitation to Joy’ is a ‘down to earth’ look at living a life of purpose and meaning. Anecdotal illustrations reflect upon a wide variety of people and how they have lived their lives, not just their main goal in life, but their daily choices. John challenges the reader to reflect on the spiritual side of life and what that means in terms of daily living. This book is well worth reading.”

David North, B.Ed., M.Ed. Retired Principal, Lions Gate Christian Academy.

“Through the telling of stories, both personal and learned, John Murray invites us to reflect on and recognize Joy! Not joy as a short-lived emotional response to a positive situation, but a deep-down contentment upon which a life can be both built and guided. For John, that profound joy is seated first and foremost in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We are living in challenging times, where anxiety seems to be so prolific. “Invitation to Joy”, by its very title, invites us, reminds us, that the choice is ours as to how we respond to what life throws at us. The words contained within this book are encouraging, supporting, and uplifting. Oh, how we need these words today!”

Rob Ogilvie, Executive Minister, Canadian Baptists of Western Canada.

“Through humble life experience and perspective spanning 85 years, John Murray has helped us all to understand that a life of joy is not so much the result of our own pursuit – sought for our own gain – as a product of choosing to love others. In the pages of Invitation to Joy are written reflections, stories, quotations, and scriptures to guide us into understanding that the best self-help for achieving joy in our lives is living a life of self-giving. For it is as we engage with others using our God-given resources such as, personality, kindness, friendship, compassion, love, forgiveness, and more, we find ourselves fulfilled and enriched with purpose, meaning and joy!

“In these pages John has given us many of his own and others’ life lessons as examples to gain appreciation for the truth of this book’s focus – that true joy comes not from what is done for us or achieved by us, but how we treat others and what we do for them. It is this same self-giving sacrifice that Jesus demonstrated, and his apostles continued. No matter what stage of life you find yourself in, this book will be an encouragement for you to continue, or perhaps, to begin, an outward, others-focused life. For there is joy in this journey!”

Gareth J Goossen, Pastor of Seniors Ministry, WMB Church, Waterloo, ON.
Author of: Worship Walk: Where Worship and Life Intersect.

“With an honest recognition of the challenges and conflicts of life, John weaves together a collection of inspirational reflections that gently turn up the love, kindness, and hope dials.  What emerges is an atmosphere and pathway to live a life of joy and peace, a life worth living.”

Ray Vander Kooij, Senior Pastor, Clinton Christian Reformed Church, ON.

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