It’s All About Love, Confessions of a Caregiver


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It’s All About Love is the true story of a husband lovingly caring for his wife through her many years of suffering with Parkinson’s disease. If you are a caregiver, you will quickly identify with the struggles and difficulties they face. If you are dealing with such issues, then this book will give you great encouragement.

The book is honest, real, true to life and down to earth. If you are caregiving, expect to be, or simply want to learn more about it, this book is for you.

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ENDORSEMENTS for “It’s All About Love.”

This book is a generous literary gift. It’s a wisdom book for lovers. Lovers whose own lives are owned by devotion to the daily care of the ones whom they love. This is a book of purest prose, easy to read because of John’s winsome writing style and hard to read because care is an indispensable and demanding gift of love. Read it and you will be thankful for John’s evident honesty. The book needed to be written.

John Murray has authored an insightful, sympathetic, and motivating guide to navigating a journey no one desires. At this moment John is caring for his wife Rita who has disabling Parkinson’s. If you are the child, parent, spouse, or friend of someone whose world has been interrupted by a life-altering condition, you will swiftly recognize that John’s personal learnings are germane to your realities. Comfortingly relevant.

Dr. Ron Unruh, Author and Artist. Past President, Evangelical Free Churches of Canada.

It’s All About Love is a raw, honest, and breathtaking glimpse into the realities of life as a caregiver. John offers a fresh perspective through the lens of love, practical advice, and a sense that you are seen and not forgotten in your struggles. If you are a caregiver or know someone who is, this book will be a healing balm to those with a hurting heart.

Holly Guy, Coach and Writer at Wholeness Haven, VA, USA.

If you have ever felt alone in your caregiving journey, you won’t after reading John Murray’s It’s All About Love. Written from the heart, with honesty and authenticity, John describes the many facets of caring for a loved one with a progressive and debilitating illness. It takes you from the lighter moments of being able to laugh together about the “debacles” that occur, to the sacredness of a “calling” as a Caregiver. The author aptly conveys the feelings of overwhelm and helplessness to protect his loved one from the ravages of the disease. As you read, you will find the encouragement you need to “keep on keeping on” and know that there are others who see your heart and understand the complexities that you are dealing with.

Deborah Harrison, MSW (retired), Volunteer Support Group Facilitator for Parkinson’s Society of British Columbia.

In their 60th year of marriage, John Murray finds himself the caregiver to Rita, his Parkinson-stricken wife, and this book is his deeply personal reflection on what this means for them both.

With a sensitive transparency, John Murray explores the progress from diagnosis to acceptance and ongoing struggles as he and his wife cope with increasing disability. John openly acknowledges his fears, discouragements, and frustrations, but his reflections are always undergirded by a resolute trust in God’s loving and providential care. It’s All About Love is a beautiful story of marital love and faithfulness expressed in sickness and in health, for better or for worse.

Canada’s aging population ensures that the Murray’s story will be experienced in many families. John’s realistic yet hope-filled study not only helps us understand the unique challenges of caregiving but will encourage those already involved to persevere, as well as help prepare those who will one day find themselves caregivers.

I heartily recommend this timely and loving expression of what true marital love means.

David Daniels, Fellowship Baptist Pastor & Freelance Writer

John Murray has done an excellent job of spelling out the realities of caregiving, the difficulties as well as the joys. I was moved by the book, so many emotions arose. As a former 24/7 caregiver to my wife, I can readily identify with all that is written here. I believe the author’s strong faith has helped sustain him through this part of their journey together. This book will be a blessing to many, particularly those who are spousal caregivers.

David North, M.Ed. Retired Principal, Lions Gate Christian Academy.

John is an inspiration as he faithfully and patiently cares for his wife Rita. His positive attitude shines through in everything he writes. It is obvious that he sees caregiving as a calling from God, not a burden or a role he fell into by chance. His book will inspire other caregivers that their service is never meaningless or in vain, or that they are alone.

Jennifer Friesen, Pastor to Seniors, White Rock Baptist Church, Surrey, British Columbia.

John is a new friend, met on-line in connection with our shared experience of caring for a spouse with Parkinson’s. And what a friend, about my age, and like his earlier books, so sympathetic and encouraging! With this one he has done it again, another charmer, providing a realistic picture of the caregiving task, including the pain of role-reversal.

His courage and stickability in the face of Rita’s extreme physical disabilities will surely encourage many out of self-pity, defeat, even despair, into true love and high achievement. May this book be widely used, for God’s glory and the good of many readers.

Priscilla Diana Maryon Turner, BA, MA Cantab., MA, DPhil Oxon., ODNW, Author of O LOVE HOW DEEP: A Tale of Three Souls* 

John Murray, who in his own words is, just an ordinary 82-year-old husband taking care of his 78-year-old wife” Rita, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2008.John shares their challenging journey in a humble, straightforward way and offers general advice and encouragement relevant to other caregivers regardless of the conditions they face.

I appreciate the author’s occasional flashes of humour and his commitment to respecting Rita’s dignity.  He encourages her to do what she can for herself. Every action she undertakes, even putting on her glasses, takes a long time. But he says, “we soon learned that time is not of the essence.”

I’m inspired and challenged by the author’s motivation. He cares for Rita because he loves her. They both have a strong faith, and he believes his role is “a call from God.”

Elma Schermenauer is an author of many published books. They include YesterCanada: Historical Tales of Mystery and Adventure and the 1940s-era Mennonite novel Consider the Sunflowers.

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