Miracles: Coincidence or Divine Intervention?


Is there such a thing as coincidence or is life orchestrated by an invisible hand? At times when the unexpected happens, especially to our benefit, is it just a chance event or was it meant to happen on our behalf? The Oxford Dictionary defines coincidence as a “remarkable concurrence of events apparently by chance” The last part is particularly significant, “apparently by chance.” This leaves the door open for it not being by chance.

When we experience what we consider to be a coincidence in life we mostly accept it as such, and allow it to pass by without giving it much attention.  However, when the coincidence has a spiritual element to it, we then begin to give it a second thought and begin to wonder whether it was a coincidence or something more like divine intervention.

In this book we look at events and occurrences which point to divine intervention. When we remove the possibility of a natural process and the possibility of a human answer, we are left with the supernatural and the miraculous. The true stories in this book are from personal experience or from other trusted sources. Plan to be amazed at God’s intervention.

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