Discover Your Hidden Self

Providing hope, purpose and encouragement, Discover Your Hidden Self will lift your spirit, help you rise above adversity and increase your self-confidence. It will give you a new perspective of yourself as it unveils your uniqueness and significance. If you are looking to enjoy the inner blessings of life – peace, joy and contentment – then this book is for you.Book Cover for Discover Your Hidden Self by John Murray

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In Praise of Discover Your Hidden Self

Discover Your Hidden Self is a delightful book – easy to read, but thought provoking and life changing if put into practice. The book is a well-balanced mix of stories and calls to action. John Murray pulls no punches. He readily admits life is often difficult and circumstances unfair, but he reminds us of the power of reflection, meditation, forgiveness, reaching out to others, having a positive attitude, and faith in God. I highly recommend you read this book and share it with others you know who are struggling with challenges in their lives.”

Ruth l. Snyder, Author, Creativity & Book Coach. Past President of Inscribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship.

“With a remarkable ability to observe and interpret the human experience, John Murray challenges you to look deep within yourself – to understand who you are in light of the life you have lived. He invites you to consider how your experiences have formed you, encouraging clear thinking and a positive attitude, despite the rough times you may face.
Discover Your Hidden Self is a conversation with a friend who encourages you to recognize your potential, to seize the positive side of life, to step outside yourself and serve others, and to be content with being your ordinary self. And without intruding or imposing, the author gently prods you toward the God who created you, loves you, and invites you to build your life in relationship with him.”

David Daniels, Fellowship Baptist Pastor (Retired) Freelance Book Reviewer.

“Hardship, misfortune and misery are universal among us but explanations and solutions are not. With intimate empathy born from personal experience, John Murray brings remedy. In twelve short chapters Murray astutely covers a wide world of our human frailties, trauma, anxieties and fears. This is practical multi-dimensional help, referencing verifiable life stories, expert professional opinions and faith-based guidance. Discover Your Hidden Self reads effortlessly, yet chapter by chapter the content invites honesty, self-examination, ownership, self-help, and reliance on God. In the process of encouraging a reader’s mental, emotional and spiritual health, this author enables readers to have compassion and to be an encouragement and an agent for change in others.”

Dr. Ron Unruh, Author, Artist and Advocate. Past President of the Evangelical Free Churches of Canada.

“I enjoyed and was impressed in reading Discover Your Hidden Self. It is an extremely well written book. John Murray describes life in an interesting, convincing, simplified and understandable way. Its message comes through clearly as a lesson for living. I believe the book will be effective in providing inspiration and encouragement to its readers. It has my full recommendation.”

Bill Vander Zalm, Former Mayor of Surrey, B.C., and Former Premier of the Province of British Columbia, Canada.

“John Murray writes from a wealth of personal experience. He has lived through many difficult circumstances and has demonstrated an unusual ability to deal with situations that would embitter many. He has a profound sense of the reality of God’s love. The book shows that John Murray knows whereof he writes”

David North, B.Ed., M.Ed. Retired Principal, Lions Gate Christian Academy.

“John Murray is a thoughtful, engaging writer. In his book Discover Your Hidden Self, he is relentlessly positive and encouraging. John is a true Barnabas, a son of encouragement. This book tells many engaging true stories of people who faced impossible odds, yet found a way forward. I was impressed to read of John, “having reached (his) ninth decade and closing in on sixty years of marriage.” His literary perseverance and hopefulness is an inspiration to others. As John says, “We don’t have to be prisoners of our circumstances. Be encouraged because there is hope”. John’s book can be summed up in his own words: “Remember, you are your own person. You are unique. You are special. You are exceptional.” Thank God for such a positive person in this fearful age.”

Rev. Dr. Ed Hird. Author and Conference Speaker.

“John Murray has written a wonderful book in Discover Your Hidden Self. It emphasizes the importance of living mindfully. He asks an important question “Are you contented?” which calls for an answer but maybe calls for us to face a change. Perhaps, however, by changing ourselves, we can change the world for the better!”

John O’Brien, M.D.

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