Endorsements For Real Faith

“Though the world be inundated with information, it is vital to communicate those words and ideas that will be significant long after this information-flooded age has passed away. This book succeeds admirably in doing just that as Scripture and stories from the author’s own life, are woven together to form a fine introduction to the rich world of Christian thinking and experience.”
Dr. Michael A.G.Haykin | Professor of Church History and Biblical Spirituality, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

“John Murray in Real faith – What’s at the heart of the Gospel? moves us to consider the foundation of faith, speaking to the issues Christians frequently face. His purpose is to answer ‘…those questions which bring perspective to the Christian faith.’ He takes faith as an ethereal idea and brings it into our living. Beginning with ‘Why do we believe?’ he poses questions with stories and responses that lead naturally into questions for group study. This helps a reader, or a group, wrestle with how one thinks and what one believes. I recommend you take advantage of his work and turn it into a rich and faith-building moment.”
Dr. Brian C. Stiller | Global Ambassador, World Evangelical Alliance

“Writing out of his own rich experience of the Christian life, John Murray has provided us with a book that is intended to orient those who are relatively new to the faith to the great truths of Christianity. It is written in a conversational style and tackles some important questions. It promises to be particularly helpful to those who are trying to square difficult circumstances with their faith.

The book could be described as the author’s own creed—but it is more than that. John lives a cheerful and victorious Christian life and has an infectious joy. He has had to face adversity himself and, as a former Executive Director of Eurovangelism, he has ministered to a section of the church experiencing harsh persecution. He has discovered by personal experience that true Christianity works in the bad times as well as the good times. I commend this book for its balance, its warmth, and its honesty. It is not only an interesting read but also a very helpful one.”
Dr Ellis Andre | Senior Pastor, White Rock Baptist Church, British Columbia, Canada

“Addressing common questions about the triune God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Christian conversion, and the challenges and expectations of Christian living, John Murray provides an introduction to essential Christianity.

Writing with clarity and accessibility, Murray guides the all-ready committed to a deeper understanding of their faith and the seeker to a clearer picture of what it means to be a Christian.”
David Daniels | Pastor, Grace Baptist Church, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

“This is a clear, straightforward, biblically solid, believer’s guide to the basics of the Christian faith. Rather than a series of analytical theological lectures, the author, instead, walks as a guide with the reader, succinctly describing with deep conviction the major, wondrous riches of Christian doctrine.

By addressing the questions, including tough ones, commonly raised by those newly committed to Jesus Christ, this work provides a fine, readily accessible introduction to the complete orb of the Christian faith and life into which they are entering. For longer term followers of Christ, this overview is not only a helpful review but may also bring to light some aspect of the faith of which they were previously unaware, or neglected, or perhaps even shunned, and will inspire further pursuit of an even deeper understanding of faith in, and commitment to, Jesus Christ.”
Dr. T.R. Anderson | Emeritus Professor of Theology and Christian Social Ethics, Vancouver School of Theology, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

“I am thrilled with the book. The sound doctrinal thesis on the Godhead is heart warming and so needed today. It is a wonderful book for young Christians to get under their belt to provide them with a firm foundation for a successful Christian life. For the mature Christian it is a great wealth of information and gives the Christian a great sense of confidence in our faith and in the God we trust. The treatment of the topic “conversion” is simply delightful.”
Robert Campbell | Brampton, Ontario, Canada

“I have read “Real Faith” and I am impressed by many aspects of it.

The theological truth made simple and practical. Your reading is obviously extensive both in the Word and Theological works as the quotations show. Your illustrations from your own life and ministry are moving.”
Arthur Dixon | Brampton, Ontario, Canada

“I found your book to be a breath of fresh air. In our Church communities we have misplaced the attraction of the Gospel with a desire to entertain in hopes of winning our communities. New believers are not learning the basics of our faith and we are paying a huge price for our unwillingness to teach how good theology impacts every day living.

Your book makes theology understandable and applicable. We will be using it at River Crossings as a tool for small groups and new believers. Thanks.”
Pastor Roy MacGregor | River Crossings Community Church, Fort Erie, Ontario

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Once I started reading I couldn’t put it down. It’s easy to read and explains some difficult Christian basics in simple language. It really gets to the heart of the Gospel with every day examples and stories. I have read it now multiple times and have gone back to it frequently since it is such a well-written and very applicable book. A great book for group study as well since each chapter has questions and there are study notes available for free on the author’s website (www.jmurray.ca) The book is a must read for Christians of all backgrounds.”
Gert Kollenhoven | Ontario, Canada

“John is a fine author and a great example of faith in servitude. His background on the front line of missionary work enabled him to capture the Christian experience on every page.”
E.F.Clark | Austin, Texas, USA

“Such a clear revelation of what is at the heart of the Gospel, real faith, real hope, real love. I would recommend this as a good read to those looking for life.”
David Timothy Food | Egham

“Great resource for the churched and un-churched!

For a Christian to read a primer on Christianity can be eye-opening. Sometimes we may have either been less mindful of the fundamentals or perhaps are still learning if one is young in their walk. For a non-Christian to come across such a book, one would hope it would help them gain, not only an understanding , but also a new respect for the Christian belief system.

Murray breaks down the why’s and how’s of faith; he demonstrates great courage through his honest words…..If you are a seeker, a Christian or of any religion, I can say this work from John Murray would be well worth your time and should be shared with others. It’s a great guide to living a fruitful, abundant life!”
Stacey Louiso | Naples, Florida, USA

“In “Real Faith,” John’s second book, he tackles the important theme of the Gospel, providing a window to the essentials of the Christian faith.

Finding and enjoying real faith requires building on a proper foundation. Murray says essential Christianity is built on three pillars:

The existence of God, The Trinity, (God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit) and The divine inspiration of Scripture.   “Take any one of these away and there would be no real Christina faith,” says Murray…..Believers—new and old—will find this a useful resource for exploring the basics of the Christian belief and practice….Murray guides the all-ready committed to a deeper understanding of their faith and the seeker to a clearer picture of what it means to be a Christian.”
David Daniels | Pastor, Editor and Publisher of Wisereader