As we are within one month of the publication of my new book “Real faith – What’s at the heart of the Gospel” I want to offer you, my social media friends, a special pre-publication gift. All those who pre-order the book from me will receive a special pre-publication discount. (The book will retail for $13.99 – the discount will be at least 15%, maybe 20%) The discount will apply to all books pre-ordered, regardless of number.

In addition to this, every tenth person ordering will receive a free copy of the book. So if you are the tenth or twentieth person etc. it will cost you nothing.  So send me a message today through Facebook, LinkedIn or email. Tell me how many books you require and the address to which you would like them sent. Payment can be made later. However, I realize that you cannot be expected to order the book without knowing something about it, so here are a few details.

“Real Faith” covers the major issues of the Christian Faith. It begins with “Why do we believe?” It moves on to discuss who is God the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit and then asks the question, “What is Christian conversion?” It also covers “Why is it so difficult to live the Christian life?” and finally leads to “What is expected of us as believers?” In other words the book discusses what we believe, why we believe it and what is expected of us because we believe it.

Taken from the endorsements in the book, one reviewer wrote, “This is a clear, straightforward, biblically solid, believer’s guide to the basics of the Christian faith.”  Another said, “I commend this book for its balance, its warmth, and its honesty.”  Yet another states, “Writing with clarity and accessibility, Murray guides the all-ready committed to a deeper understanding of their faith and the seeker to a clearer picture of what it means to be a Christian.”

Some other salient points about the book:

  • It is readable theology – if that is not an oxymoron!
  • It is Christian doctrine made accessible and understandable.
  • It is excellent material for pastors and teachers.
  • It is ideal for Home Bible Study Groups.
  • It is a layman’s guide to the Christian faith.
  • It is Christianity 101 for students of all ages.
  • It is written with lively content and true life stories.
  • It will prove to be an asset in the library of any Christian.

So there you have it. It is a book you will want to read more than once and want to share with others. In fact, would you be kind enough to share this message now with others, giving them the opportunity to learn about the book and for them to possibly receive a free copy. Send me a message today and let’s hope that you are the tenth person!