Seeing beyond tomorrow.

We all know that last year was abominable. For many families it was a tragic year. With the pandemic overshadowing and restricting our activity, 2020 will go down in infamy as a year to be forgotten. However, the good thing is that it can only get better from here on. With the vaccine coming in the not too distant future, we can be optimistic that things will improve, even if slowly, things will get better. We might even get back to eating out occasionally! Don’t hold your breath though, because it will be some months before it all goes away – if it ever completely goes away!  But we have a New Year to embrace. So let’s do that with optimism. Let’s welcome the New Year and expect good things.

I know it is not given to us to know the future, but have you ever considered what it might be like to see into the future? Actually, it would probably not be a good thing and it almost certainly would be very stressful. However, if we had that ability I think we would be different people. If we knew how much longer we have on this earth, I believe we would think differently and act differently. I don’t think we could help it. The future would influence our present thinking and action.

The frailty and brevity of life is always before us but often not given much thought. If we are honest we live as though we will be around forever. But time goes very fast. Twenty years have already passed since the beginning of this century. I find it hard to believe that 1990 is already 30 years ago. When I am asked my date of birth, my reply of “1939” seems to floor people as though that is too ancient to be real. I suppose in our quiet reflective moments all of us are quite astounded when we think of the speed with which our years have passed. In light of that we should be making the most of everyday.

So enjoy the company of those around you. Treat each other with love and respect. Make someone’s day by giving them a word of encouragement. A compliment or word of praise is never out of place. Time is precious. Don’t waste it. It never returns. We have the present. Let’s live in the now!