Is Self-Image Important?

I read recently that our self-image is important. It is probably true that our self-image does influence much of our action, our feelings, and the presentation of ourselves. If you have a good self-image, inevitably it will give you a sense of confidence, which in turn creates a certain boldness in approaching other people and in different scenarios of life. Then the opposite is true. If you have a low self-image, then you will obviously present yourself with reticence and seek to hide in the back row.

We all have a self-image. We cannot avoid it. But how do you keep a balanced view. Is it possible to have a good self-image without being proud? Does having a low self-image automatically make you humble?

When we look at ourselves, our competence in what we do influences our image. For instance, if you are qualified in your profession and do a good job, that naturally creates a sense of achievement and good self-image. If you have talents where you can produce something with your hands like drawing, painting, sewing, carpentry, or other such ability, that too creates a self-satisfying picture of oneself.

Unfortunately, there are people who say, “I don’t have any talents” or “I am not clever like other people.” Usually, these people have overlooked certain positive aspects of their lives and probably have things out of focus. If checked, it would be discovered that they had been good wives, good husbands, good parents, good at their jobs, and have made a valuable contribution into the lives of their families and to society in general.  Present circumstances should never be allowed to overshadow the achievements of the past. A self-image should be based on an overall view of one’s life not just a present situation.

How do we achieve a balanced comfortable view of ourselves? By being realistic and honest about ourselves, about things accomplished and the person we are.  The views of us expressed by other people also should influence our self-image.

However, I truly believe we need to be more concerned about God’s image of us. I once knew a young man who would say “I am but a worm!” I do not believe that is how God looks at us. Just a small understanding of God’s love for his children, his constant grace and willingness to forgive, and the resulting confidence we have in him, will create a self-image about which we need not worry. We will begin to recognize that in God’s eyes we are special, and that should be enough for any of us.