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AUDIENCE: Pandemic stresses currently affect all of us to some degree with uncertainty, threats of job losses, illness and worries.  John Murray’s book, Discover Your Hidden Self: Opening the Door to Who You Really Are! offers a timely antidote to this Covid 19 season of uncertainty. It’s a book EVERYONE can enjoy!

CONTENT: Our minds are amazing in their capacity to choose positive thoughts, grow right attitudes, and focus on values that support, encourage and serve others while building up our own self worth and contentment. Understanding our hidden self is a quest for a spiritually fulfilling, rewarding life, as each reader considers how best to intentionally use gifts and talents to touch the lives of others with acts of kindness, compassion and love.

STYLE OF WRITING: John Murray engages the reader, mentor-style, with clear, easy to read stories, anecdotes and memorable quotations. This is a quick read, but it contains nuggets of practical wisdom.


  • Because our mind exerts power over our bodies, our behaviour is greatly influenced by our self image and how we see life. (p. 35)
  • We need to change the ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can if I put my mind to it.” P. 40
  • No one else can take your place. No one else can fill your shoes. 41
  • Attitude says it all. It is the external expression of our internal thinking. People we meet respond to us according to the attitude we portray to them. P. 47
  • We choose to forgive. It is an act of the will. To give forgiveness is to be released from a prison of anger and resentment. To receive it is to be released from underlying animosity and guilt for being the cause of the rift. Giving and receiving forgiveness are two sides of the same coin. p. 58-59
  • Although how you view yourself is critical to your self worth, what is more important is how God views us, and I believe therein lies the secret to our significance. P. 74
  • Contentment comes from being occupied with a task you enjoy. P. 83
  • People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. P. 92
  • It is a fact that we are happiest when we are serving others. P. 93
  • Our genuine love for others will show itself in compassionate acts of kindness. P. 96
  • Mother Teresa said, “spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” P. 96
  • Love is like an invisible glue that creates stability in society. We all crave to be loved and accepted. 97
  • Kindness is a matter of the will. It means going the extra mile. Tolstoy says: “nothing can make our lives or the lives of others more beautiful than perpetual kindness.” P. 9
  • As we serve others, God can love others through us. P. 106
  • Do we have a moral obligation to others? Are we in any way responsible for each other as human beings? I believe we have a moral obligation to do something, however little it might be. P. 103-104
  • There is a law of reciprocity at work in life; namely, that what you give is given back and usually in larger amounts than what you gave. P. 105
  • You are unique. Your uniqueness is invaluable. It is your inner self that makes you who you are and marks you as being special. (p. 121)


Be encouraged today. You are special; you are treasured beyond measure, and you have a lot to offer others, as a source of uniqueness, creativity and blessing. Discover Your Hidden Self: The Door to Who You Really Are! will help you realize your full potential, strengthen your self-worth and it is likely to build your confidence, as you turn the pages.

Although the author shares a Christian world view, the content targets the wider readership audience, with its practical advice, illustrations and writing style. Solidly researched and communicated effectively, this book has the potential to influence the reader’s future for the better! It would also make a wonderful gift for a friend or family member in need of renewed confidence and self-esteem.