I want to share with you what I think to be a heart-warming story.

In Sao Paulo, a city in Brazil of approximately 12 million people, it is estimated that there are up to twenty thousand homeless people. A lady named Shalla saw one of these homeless people, Raimundo, regularly as she left her apartment. He was always on the median of a busy road. Eventually she connected with him and found out that he had been on the street for 35 years.  He was very communicative and in fact, she discovered he liked to write poetry. She created a Facebook page to share his poetry. The page attracted a huge interest and as they say, “went viral.” All this publicity brought about a delightful end to the story. Raimundo’s family contacted Shalla and he was re-united with his family. He was no longer homeless!

This story is found in “The Power of Kindness” by Brian Goldman, which I am currently re-reading. I tell the story because it proves that we have no idea of the potential positive result of our actions of kindness. So, I encourage you to befriend someone, speak a kind word to someone, put your arm around someone’s shoulder, do something today that will convey love and concern. Our world certainly needs it.