Near Death Experience!

I have recently become very interested in the extraordinary number of near-death experiences reported. Perhaps it is because I am no longer as young as I used to be and although I look forward to being a hundred in 17 years’ time, I do realize that God may have other plans.

I have read several books on NDEs, as they are called. I am amazed at the number of people all over the world who have had “out of body” experiences. It is thought that millions of people have had such an event in their lives. Some don’t talk about it.

The interesting aspect is that it happens to all kinds of people – people with and without faith.  That seems to have no bearing on who goes through the experience.  It also happens to people who have no reason to fabricate a story, in fact some professional people risk their reputation by sharing. Neurosurgeons, bankers, industry leaders who had no belief in any kind of afterlife, are among those who testify to a near death experience.  Children too are not left out. Four-year-old youngsters have blown away their parents by coming out with information about their family which they could only know through a supernatural event happening to them.

Many of the stories have similarities. For instance, a vast majority indicate that they are aware of themselves leaving their body and initially floating to the ceiling. From there they can see their body in the bed and doctors and nurses tending to them. One lady stated she was suspended over the accident scene in which she was involved. They know what is being done and what is said. Much of it verified in the hospitals when they return to their body.

After viewing things from the ceiling, they pass through the walls and roof and are generally escorted through a dark tunnel which quickly gives way to a place of brilliant light, brighter than anything they have ever known on earth. Some see flowers, trees, and green fields. Some get to meet their relatives and friends who have already passed on. All seem to express being enveloped in a deep sense of love. The love is overwhelming and comforting.

Many experience communicating with a Being of Light. Often their lives are played back as on a video – every act, every thought – but not with condemnation or judgement but with love and forgiveness, even when they are ashamed of what they see. The voice which speaks to them is strong and authoritative yet kind and loving. Occasionally the people are asked if they want to return. Their desire is always to stay because they feel so much at home, yet they remember children and other situations where they are needed and agree to return. It seems that once back in their body, the experience removes any fear of death for them, with some indicating a longing to return.

I could go on writing more but for the sake of brevity, I will conclude now, but I am interested to hear from you as to what you think on this subject. Some people are skeptical which is understandable. For me, I think we are here on earth to prepare for the next life. It certainly gives me cause to examine myself, as to what I have done with my life.

If you want to read up on the subject, the book I would recommend is “Imagine Heaven” by John Burke. He is a Christian author and has studied over a thousand stories of near-death experiences and interestingly aligns Scripture with some aspects of the stories.