They are working for us!

The pandemic is causing health systems to break down. Many are stretched to the limit, if not already beyond their limits. Many hospitals have no more beds available. Not enough equipment. Shortage of emergency supplies. People are being treated in the hallways. Regular patients sent home or transferred to other hospitals. Non-emergency operations postponed.

We hear of nurses breaking down and in tears because they can do no more to help. Finishing their long shifts tired, shattered and devastated. They are experiencing an overwhelming sense of inadequacy to cope with the daily onslaught of new cases. They are suffering emotional turmoil as they see people die, alone and separated from loved ones. Some also have the stressful task of calling relatives to give them the bad news.

We have learned of doctors working long hours with inadequate breaks. Working under huge pressure and demands as they deal with patient after patient all day long. Some are arriving home late at night, only to flop into bed exhausted and then have to leave the house again at 7am to start another day. Paramedics are constantly on the run from one call to another and can you believe this? Some are having the burden of deciding if a person is too close to death to warrant being taken to the hospital. Can you imagine the stress involved in such a decision? The situation certainly seems dire at the moment. We are grateful for the arrival of the vaccine but the practicality of administering it and its beneficial effect on the pandemic will take some time.

It seems incredible to believe that someone said the pandemic was one big hoax! Tell that to the health care workers or the families who have lost loved ones.

There was a time when we did not know anyone personally suffering with Covid but that has now changed. More and more we learn of people within our circle of friends who are suffering from this insidious virus. Apparently ten percent of those who recover have to deal with on-going medical difficulties. However, we must not overlook the many thousands of lives saved by the health care workers. The situation would be worse and many more would have died without their efforts, for which we are grateful.

What can we do? Maybe not a lot. But it’s good for us to be aware of the conditions and do our part in fulfilling the protocol expected of us. We should pray for those who are suffering but also for the workers. If you know any health care workers personally call them, encourage them, tell them their efforts are appreciated. Tell them you care for them, are praying for them and ask if there is anything you can do for them.

Let’s not forget these people who are on the front line, constantly facing and fighting this highly contagious disease. Their lives are at risk. Let’s remember, they are there for us, they are working for us!