Have you ever considered how unique you are? You are a “one-off.” There is no one else like you, nor ever will be. We must be like snow-flakes – all different.  No two people are the same. God broke the mold when he made you.  Our DNA is different. Our fingerprints are different. Our siblings are different. Even twins have differences. Fraternal twins have different DNA and fingerprints while identical twins carry the same DNA but have different fingerprints.

We are people with individualistic tendencies. Our facial features and personalities may be similar at times but we all carry our own idiosyncrasies. The expression of our individualism will also be different to others. There is no doubt we can point to similarities between us and common denominator factors but we are a far cry from being robots or cookie cutter people. As we grow physically so we develop mentally and our personality takes shape. We become recognized for who we are. Distinct from everyone else.

As we journey through life we are shaped by our family background, parental upbringing, life experience, what we come to believe, our education, our intelligence and the relationships we create. All these aspects affect our response to the present. It affects how we perceive life and how we react.  Consequently not everyone thinks or believes as we do.  We all have different tastes in many things which influence our choices.  Hence we need to exercise patience and understanding when we discover others do not appear to be on the same page. They have ideas and opinions which they have acquired along the way. It doesn’t always mean that there is a right or a wrong but just a difference.

Also remember the uniqueness of your position. Who you are, what family you are in, what friends you have – no one else is in that position. It could be that you are in a specific place at a specific time to do something which only you can do for another specific person in your circle. That’s how special you are. You have a special place in life.

So appreciate and enjoy your individuality. Be pleased with who you are. Things could have been quite different. Unless your life has become twisted along the way, God made you how you are.  My encouragement to you today would be to raise your self-esteem and appreciate who you are. Make the most of who you are because you are unique. You are special and nobody can change that.