Recently in the news we heard about two apartment fires. One where 12 people died including seven children, another where 19 people died including 10 children. We heard that 70 people were killed by tornadoes in the States recently and then we constantly hear about the number of deaths from Covid, the total now being in the thousands. And so, we could go on.

We think about the victims but how much do we think about those left behind. For those 70 people killed in the States there were probably at least 60 families which were left grieving – some suffering the loss of more than one family member.

We personally know of a situation where a lady lost her mother to murder only to have her own son charged with the murder of his grandmother. The lady lost her mother and then her son to prison. It is hard to comprehend such emotional pain.

Last week I heard of a young lady who lost her grandmother to Covid and two days later was told by doctors to say goodbye to her father who also succumbed to Covid. Some children have lost both parents.

I know this is how life is but that doesn’t take away the pain and hurt of losing a loved one. I bring this up in the hope that when we hear these news reports we may think of and offer up a prayer for those left behind. Only God can comfort some of these folk who are hurting.

Just a thought!