Can you imagine living with the absence of God’s Spirit?  Without the presence of the Holy Spirit, the world would be in an abysmal state. Whether we recognize it or not, the Holy Spirit works through the church and believers—who are the church—to bring an element of social conscience. Through this, the Spirit of God exercises a restraining influence upon our society. If he were not here, we would experience total anarchy.

 It is true that we have law and order that present some semblance of deterrent, but look how quickly a peaceful demonstration turns into a riot. Even sports fans occasionally run amok, damage property, become violent towards others, and generally  rebel against the authorities who represent the law. Without the Spirit of God in the world, this kind of activity would be even more prevalent.

 As believers, we are temples of the Holy Spirit, and our lives testify to the presence of the Spirit. We form part of that restraining influence in a world bent on sin and rebellion, not just against human authority but against God. It is in that same arena that the Holy Spirit does his work upon the human heart. The church must always be available and a willing vehicle for such activity.

 Be grateful today for the presence of the God’s Spirit in the world. Without him we would be in a deeper mess than we are!