A lady said to me “I hate Facebook!” I could not understand that because she is not forced to be on it. There are two sides to social media. It can be a blessing or it can be a curse. What is it to you? Some people rave over it saying there has been nothing like it since sliced bread. Others decry its benefits and any positive aspects. Many things in life are not black and white but they are what we make of them.

 For me, social media has allowed me to be in touch with friends of yesteryear who would have remained only in the memory, albeit pleasant memories. It has brought new friends and new connections. It has been a vehicle which has allowed me to express myself, in the hope that some people will read and give some thought to what is written.

 Others have indicated that it has been nothing but a waste of time. Some have said this after becoming obsessed and dominated by it. Then there are those who have written things in the heat of the moment which they have regretted, not remembering that the written word cannot be taken back and one has to live with it. That does not make for a good relationship with social media.

 Then some say that social media causes people to become introverted or at least, less social in the physical. In fact, I saw one couple in a restaurant who hardly uttered a word to each other throughout their meal because they were both constantly on their mobile devices. It is said that geographically we live closer together but find ourselves lonely because of technology. I say, only if you allow it.

 Since coming on to Facebook, my output as a writer may have lessened but I have learned much from other people, from their blogs and other contributions. This, I believe, is not a bad thing because the learning process never ends

I have to conclude that social media is what you make of it. It is true, it can be a blessing or it can be a curse. Don’t let it be a curse. What is it to you?