I think it is true to say that few of us like the word discipline. It conjures up for us ideas of “toeing the line” or of having to do something we did not want to do. We usually equate it with punishment. But it works two ways, we exercise discipline or we receive discipline.

 When I was in the British Army, many years ago, I learned the meaning of discipline. From day one we were expected to obey and respect superior officers as well as keep the rules and regulations of the Army. Not to do so invited the wrath of those in charge. But was it all bad? I think not, regardless of what I thought at the time. In fact, to be disciplined produced a very ordered life but with it came self-esteem and a sense of well-being.

It showed us that there was a world outside of ourselves which demanded our respect and attention. To ignore that was to our detriment.

From the day we are born to the day we die we are learning. Yes, we acquire the knowledge of facts but, more than that, we also learn right from wrong. We find it takes discipline to walk down the right road and it’s not always an easy task. When our desires and feelings are overwhelming and would take us in a different direction, it takes all the discipline in the world to choose to do the right thing, but choose we must.

You may be at a crossroads right now. One road appears to provide everything you desire and could wish for, but there is another road which may seem less attractive but in your heart you know that is the road you must go down. Hard as it may be, it calls for self-discipline. Let me encourage you, take the right road.

 The extraordinary thing is that self-discipline brings freedom. It allows you to be the person you want to be within the parameters of the new circumstances. Once you have started down that road you experience a great sense of contentment and satisfaction having made the right decision. You are glad that you did what you knew you had to do.

 Sometimes life presents us with the choice, exercise discipline or perhaps be disciplined. The former is better than the latter.