The omniscience of God is not something we talk about everyday. Have you ever considered how we are affected by it? Let me give you another couple of quotations from my book, “Real Faith” to mull over.

 “Because of God’s omniscience, he is totally aware of every aspect of every situation. Because of this he is perfectly just. There is never a question of injustice, of wrongful accusation, or of unfair punishment. It is good for us to be reminded that Jesus was unfairly accused and wrongfully punished but he did it willingly for us. Jesus suffered the pain of God’s justice so that we might be recipients of God’s love and grace.”

 “So the justice of God and the love of God met atCalvary. We see that this is where God demonstrated the depth of his love for us, while at the same time satisfying the need to fulfill his own justice against sin. Thus, through the Cross, we receive the forgiveness of sin and become recipients of God’s grace, compassion, love and mercy.”