Because we might not understand it or cannot explain it, do we ignore the doctrine of the Trinity? For us who are Christian it is a pillar of our Faith. We believe in one God, a Triune God, which means Tri-unity, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. These three make up the Godhead or Trinity; three distinct personalities, yet one essence.

 To show the importance of this truth, it was God the Father who gave his son to bring us salvation, it was Jesus who gave his life for our salvation and it is the Holy Spirit who brings conviction, plants the faith and completes the work of regeneration so that we might enjoy salvation. Therefore we might consider this quotation;

 “Belief in the Trinity is not just an optional extra or an add-on when accepting the existence of God. It is important and necessary as each member of the Trinity is involved in God’s plan of salvation for man. If the Trinity is not accepted then their individual contributions from within the Godhead cannot then be understood and acknowledged.”

           Quotation from “Real Faith – What’s at the heart of the Gospel?”