We have all heard the many stories of people who have been healed and of lives being remarkably saved from tragedies. We have heard of incredible recoveries and of people being inexplicably in the right place at the right time. The skeptic says, “Coincidence” while the Christian says “God incidence” so who is right?

I know one church inRomania where people prayed for fifteen years before they saw the answers to their prayers. I could introduce you to people who have received a miraculous healing in answer to their prayers. Some would even say that they definitely would not be here today had it not been for the prayers of others. Perhaps we  have all received benefits from the prayers of others and maybe, without even knowing it.

 Most of us are familiar with people like George Müeller who, during the course of his life, fed 10,000 orphans with food which was extraordinarily provided each day. They literally did not know where the next meal was coming from but by the end of each day every child had received their meals for the day.

 I can relate to you the story where God protected forty people from an unexploded bomb which should have killed them all. I could tell you about God’s provision for food which was multiplied so much that 22 people ate from a 3lb chicken and their was chicken over. Then there are many stories of God’s incredible financial provisions, often at the last minute – seemingly to test the faith! All these occurrences were in response to prayer.

God’s intervention and prayer is a significant part of his sovereignty. Could God do it without prayer? Yes, I believe without a doubt he could, but then his children would not have been involved in the implementation of his plan and the fulfillment of his purpose here on earth. Being part of that plan and seeing God at work builds our trust, our faith, our confidence, and allows us to give thanks and marvel at his handiwork.

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