I cannot believe that it was fifty years ago when I wrote an article entitled “Easter is for Christians!” Looking at that article I can tell you little has changed since then in relation to the celebration of this pinnacle of our Christian Faith.

Our society has come to treat Christmas and Easter as just another holiday, another few days off work. Yes, time for the family which is good but as for a Christian celebration that is foreign to the vast majority of the population. But my concern is that we too as Christians, if we are not careful, can be influenced by society and even adopt an attitude which lessens the importance of these special times of the year.

If there had been no Christmas, no incarnation, then there would have been no Good Friday and no crucifixion. If there had been no crucifixion then there would not have been any Easter Sunday and no resurrection. The Christian faith would then be empty and meaningless but it is these three events which gives us reason to celebrate the pillars of our faith.

Right now it is Easter and if you asked children what Easter means to them you would receive the popular answer of eggs, chicks or bunnies. Ask adults the same question as to the meaning of Easter and we might be surprised how few come up with the crucifixion and the resurrection.

Easter, like Christmas has become just another commercialized holiday. For Christmas we hear “Happy Holidays” and for Easter it is “Enjoy the holiday weekend!” In the interest of being tolerant I wonder if we as Christians have become too complacent, afraid of being classified as bigots and intolerant. I believe there is a balance of being more assertive without being vindictive, of being more vocal without being judgmental.

If it were not for the Christian faith there would be no Christmas or Easter holidays. That alone gives us the right to speak up and indicate what these times of celebration mean to us. How good it would be if we could reclaim Christmas and Easter as belonging to the Church and have them recognized for their real meaning and significance. Do you agree with me?