A nerve gas is used in chemical warfare. It is considered to be a weapon of mass destruction because of its ability to destroy thousands of people at one time. You might say “If I had been exposed to that, I would not be here now” and you would most likely be right, although many people have survived but not without much suffering.

The weapon of mass destruction that I refer to is not used in chemical warfare, it is used in our everyday lives. If you can speak you use it. It is the tongue. It has the ability to destroy and bring untold suffering.

 Some people like to question whether women speak more than men. I don’t think it is a gender issue but it relates to personality. Some people are quiet and reserved so consequently they tend to speak less while others who are more outgoing are prone to speak more. We have a friend who loves to talk – I am sure you do too – but what she says is always interesting. The important aspect is not in the number of words we use but how we use them.

 You probably know people who have been destroyed because of a false rumor or others who have been irreparably hurt by a “cutting” tongue.

 The tongue is a very small organ of the body but it can bring much damage and yet it can bring much joy. By using it we can bring people down or we can build them up. We can encourage or discourage. We can bring a blessing or a curse. We can offer gossip or healing. The tongue can be full of poison or it can be an instrument of love. We have the choice.

 I am sure you know this quotation from Proverbs, “A word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver.” The right word at the right time is priceless in what it can achieve.

 It is within our control and power to bring a positive message to those who need it. We must make our words count for good. We must build people up, encourage them, and help to heal their brokenness through words of comfort and support. With our tongues we have the capacity to touch people’s lives for the better.

 Let’s accept a sense of responsibility and use our words to make a difference to those around us. There is a greater blessing in giving than receiving and that applies to words too. Make the decision now to deliberately offer some words of blessing today. You’ll be glad you did.