Barnabas was an encourager. Encouragement is in short supply and is greatly needed in our society. People need to be encouraged.

 Encouragement takes many forms but very little effort. A small phrase can do wonders. By saying “Well done” or “Good job” or “You’re doing well” gives people the sense that somebody cares.

An act of kindness is also an encouragement. A week or so ago a neighbor called and said that she wanted to cook dinner for us – who were we to refuse? Sure enough, her husband came round with chicken and rice and vegetables. It was wonderful and a great delight to us. She just wanted to bless someone and that she did.

 Also within the last month I was at the cash register of our local supermarket when the person ahead of me ran out of money to pay for the purchases. I offered the difference. It was less than 50c but by the reaction one would have thought it was $500! Such was the response. It was a very small act but obviously a great encouragement.

I think someone once organized “A day of random kindness” I think we should instigate that again. Go out today and see who needs a little help. Do something unexpected. It will go a long way to encourage and lift people up. If we all did this, and then shared this with our friends we would make a huge difference. Wouldn’t it be nice if we set off a wave of kindness?