Have you ever walked into a glass patio door thinking it was open? It gives you quite a rude awakening. Even walking into a screen door is quite a shock, although not quite so painful.

 Recently I had a rude awakening. I have enjoyed, and still enjoy, my retirement during which time I have cared for my wife, have written two books, have done some public speaking, helped with the church leadership and have enjoyed my contact with the outside world through social media. Then two things happened.

 Everything came to grinding halt as I got sick and then I seriously lost my internet connection – the computer went on the blink! It was bad enough being unwell for a month with vertigo and sickness but to lose the internet was like losing my right arm – and I am right-handed!!

 All this to say that it has taught me to never take things for granted, especially health, physical activity, driving, and all of life’s conveniences. While life sails along uneventfully we tend to think it always will.

 So now I am appreciating the ability to get around, to read, to breath in fresh air, to enjoy good food and the company of friends and not least, the health which allows all this to take place.

 Like me, have you too been guilty of taking life for granted?