Do we limit our potential?  How often do we think to ourselves, “I could never do that”?  Probably too often! Our parents used to say,” You will never know if you don’t try!” and they were right. I would never have dreamed in my early years that one day I would have published a book and now have finished a second one. We all seem to carry buried aspirations, whether it’s a job we would like to do, a place we would like to visit or a project we would like to complete. We need to set our sights and make a plan, otherwise nothing will be achieved. If you aim for nothing you hit it every time.

 If you want to go abroad to do volunteer work for a few months, start finding out which organization offers such opportunities. If you want to get something published, start on the research and begin writing. If it is a change in career, enquire as to the qualifications needed and the prospect of future placements. Don’t limit yourself. Develop possibility thinking. Nobody else is going to hit the ball because it is in your court!

 What started my thinking this way was because I recently read a quotation which caused me to think that much potential probably has been wasted because people sought achievements which were too low. The quote I read was by a man named Les Brown, “Aim for the moon because even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars!”