Next Saturday, June 30th it will be 50 years since Rita and I walked down the aisle in a small Baptist Church in Essex, England, the very first wedding to occur in that little church. I used to think that Golden Wedding Anniversaries were for old people – now I would like to think differently! Whatever we think, I guess this is a milestone to be remembered.

It seems incredible that so many years have floated by like white clouds on a summer’s day. However, one cannot go through life only enjoying summer days. The storms of disappointments and financial struggles have come and gone. We have been given grace and fortitude to face sickness. Happily there has been more laughter than tears, although both are appropriate in their place and time. It is said that adversity binds you together or rips you apart. We are delighted it did the former for us.

I can honestly say that love, commitment and communication have been the order of the day for us. If there is nothing hidden, then there are no surprises. Commitments are made to be honored.  A word, or a promise is to be kept. Trust is the result and the reward.

 Having children and grandchildren is a heritage. They bring blessing upon blessing. We can attest to that.

God has blessed us in extraordinary ways. We could not wish for more. We hope that we have been faithful in sharing those blessings. Mostly we trust that the love between us has overflowed to others, so that others have been blessed all because we loved, we courted, and were married 50 years ago!


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