My wife Rita, – my first wife (and only) for almost 50 years – is a very disciplined person. She is organized, methodical, neat, tidy and likes to have all her “ducks in a row!”  She dresses well and her hair never seems to be out of place. Interestingly, we have similarities and differences in our personalities. Rita enjoys savoury dishes while I enjoy desserts. Rita reads novels while I read non-fiction. However, we have similar tastes when it comes to sports and other, more classic television. Our marriage has been good for these five decades.

 Why do I say all this? I just wanted the opportunity to commend my wife for her discipline and her determination. Over the last few years Rita has been regularly attending Curves, the women’s fitness centre. She has now completed 694 visits. In a couple of weeks she will reach the 700 mark – an incredible feat for anyone, but for someone with Parkinsons, I think it is an outstanding achievement! What a milestone? I think I have reason to hold her in high esteem.

If she knew, she would not agree for this to be written. However, I think her achievement is worthy of note. I believe she deserves the recognition, maybe a medal, or at least a pat on the back, and I am sure someone agrees with me!