Transitions in life are not the most favorite of events. As you get older changes become more difficult. Unfortunately, some things have to be done out of necessity rather than choice.
For those interested to know, we are moving into a Retirement Community just a few miles away. We are leaving our lovely 1500 sq.ft condo overlooking the gardens and the ocean. As we face west we have seen many stunningly beautiful sunsets during the last five years. We will leave with memories of the water, the boats, the eagles and the sunsets. How blessed we have been to enjoy this scene for those years.
My wife Rita has Parkinsons and life has become extremely difficult for her, even in the most mundane of daily activity. Yes, she has me as care-giver but although I might have become quite domesticated and hopefully useful, we have discovered that I am not Superman. As we move to a new place with meals provided and other conveniences we hope that it will enable me to better care for her. Also there is help at the press of a button in an emergency situation. It also brings comfort as well to know that Rita will be cared for if I am sick or pass on.
Yet even while looking at it as positively as possible there is still a sense of loss of independence. Although it is probably more perception than reality, perception can feel so real at times. So the decision is made and the move is ahead of us but it is not without a sense of trepidation. Any move does not come easy. The next few months are going to be very different. However, we will look for the best, embrace the good and deal with the not-so-good.
Is this ominous? We lived in our house in Brampton, Ontario for 25 years, in the house in Acton for 6 years and now here in White Rock, B.C. for 5 years. It seems to be getting shorter. On the other hand, who knows, this move might be for another 25 years! Mind you, that will make me 101 years old! Wow, I hope they provide birthday cakes in this new place!! (Or at least apple pie and ice cream!)