There is another side to Thanksgiving.

We are always reminded about giving thanks for possessions, for our safety and for the comforts of living in the West, and how fortunate we are in comparison to those who have to live on $2 a day or less. All of this is right, but do ever link Thanksgiving with people? For instance, do we ever stop to thank our parents for bringing us into this world? Have we ever thanked them for investing time and effort in raising us? For some of us that opportunity has gone, but maybe for you it is still there.

 Do we remember to thank our wives (or husbands) for being who they are and doing what they do for us? Have we ever thought about a word of thanks to our teachers, our mentors, our pastors and others who have given us of their time in teaching, counseling, advising and just being there for us at the right time?

 Maybe a letter of blessing to your parents at this Thanksgiving would be well appreciated and bring much happiness. Perhaps a note would be good to those who have sacrificially given help and assistance when you needed it most. A teacher or pastor would be over the moon to receive a phone call of appreciation.

Then there is your spouse. I am sure you can think of a suitable time when you can thank them for the little things, and the big things, that have been carried out for your benefit. Also a nice hug would not be out of place.

 Whatever you do to express your thanks, a happy Thanksgiving to you all wherever you live!