If you think the Bible is just another book with some nice spiritual platitudes or perhaps a book of ancient history. If you believe it is just a collection of stories put together by different authors to express their faith or individual principles of life, you have missed the point and its purpose totally. The Bible has to be divinely inspired or it is just another literary work. See if you agree with this quotation:

“For us as Christians we must revere it for what it is—the very Word of God. Because it is inspired, it speaks to us today. The message within is revealed to us and applied by the Spirit of God. It brings comfort, strength, direction and instruction as we read, listen and obey. There is no other book in the world to compare with the Bible, both in its divine origin and its spiritual ministry in changing the lives of millions of people. The Scriptures are like a tapestry depicting God’s relationship with man.”

Quotation from “Real Faith – What’s at the heart of the Gospel?”