When my number is finally called, there will be one categorical statement I will be able to make with absolute certainty, that is “I have never been pregnant!”  Having said that, however, I am wondering whether the birth of a book has similarities – maybe only in the aspect of anticipation!

In the writing world it is said that nobody cares about your book like you do because it is “your baby.” Although I don’t think one can say it was birthed with “blood, sweat and tears” it did take many hours of real effort and dedication to produce the end result.

 Then, of course, there was the gestation period. There are some authors who labored for 15 years or so before producing a completed manuscript. Thankfully, “Real Faith” came along a little quicker than that. It took me at least one year to research and one year to write. Now it has been six months since the finished manuscript went to the publisher. It is not a quick process. Patience and determination are great assets when writing a book.

 Authors have to face reality. The reality is that there are many people who will not buy the book. It’s hard to understand why (I tend to think that even if nobody else does) but there it is, it’s a fact of life. Then there are those who will buy the book but won’t like it – another fact of life – I think taste has something to do with it! This is followed by those who will buy the book but never get round to reading it. They always seem to be halfway through!

Lastly, there are the ideal readers. They buy the book, read it, they let you know if it has been helpful, and then, and this is the clincher, they tell their friends about it. Ah! What music to the ears of an author? It is at that point that all the hours of effort just melt away and you realize in that one delightful moment that it was all worthwhile!

If you are reading this, I have to believe you are in the last category of readers. If so, bless you! You will not have to wait long for “Real Faith – What’s at the heart of the Gospel?”