I am just reading a very interesting book on the brain – this is about the fifth book I have read on the subject over a few years – all of them fascinating. Let me quote a couple of paragraphs from Change your brain, Change your life by Dr D. Amen.

Emphasizing how powerful our thoughts are he says, “Every time you have a good thought, a happy thought, a hopeful thought, or a kind thought, your brain releases chemicals that make your body feel good. Think about the last time you had a really happy thought. How did your body feel? When most people are happy, their muscles relax, their hearts beat more slowly, their hands become dry, and they breathe more slowly. Your body reacts to you good thoughts.”

He goes on to say that conversely, “…they can make you feel bad. Every cell in your body is affected by every thought you have. That is why when people get emotionally upset, they frequently develop physical symptoms, such a headaches or stomachaches. Some doctors think that  people who have a lot of negative thoughts are more likely to get cancer….A negative thought is like pollution to your system. Just as pollution affects everyone who goes outside, so, too, do negative thoughts pollute your deep limbic system, your mind and your body.”

I know this is all very common thinking, but I just thought it is good to occasionally remind ourselves to avoid negative thinking at all costs! It does us no good.  If we can’t speak well or positively, perhaps it would be wiser to remain silent!