Being British makes it very difficult not to identify with the celebrations going on in the British Isles at the moment. On the occasion of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee of her ascension to the throne, it causes one to reflect on her reign. Many of us have only known the rule of Her Majesty, although a few of us experienced King George 6th for a short time as well. Queen Elizabeth has been exemplary in fulfilling her duties. Whatever the event, or circumstance, she has portrayed a quiet confidence and demure attitude. She is always well composed, so gracious and unhurried, and this current event is no different.

 The river Thames pageant went off without a hitch and in spite of rain and wind the British bulldog spirit of the people, and the Royal Family, remained undaunted. All the pomp and pageantry, so well organized by the British, just accentuates the longevity of British historical tradition. The recent Royal wedding highlighted the same.

The support of the monarchy appears as strong as ever. For those who are concerned about the cost to keep the monarchy, they would do well to remember that the monarchy brings in more than ten times the cost, from the rental of the family’s private land, all of which goes into the country’s coffers. There is very little question that with several million people holding special celebrations in over 9000 towns and villages throughout the United Kingdom, the monarchy is still revered and honored.

 I am reminded of the many times as young people we belted out “Rule Britannia” and then on the last night of the Proms, joined in singing “Land of Hope and Glory” with great gusto. The singing of the National Anthem always produced an air of pride and a general sense of privilege having been born under the British flag!  It may be said that the Queen is just a figurehead but a very good figurehead she is. She has served her subjects faithfully. She has done exceedingly well and at 86 years of age, continues to do so.

So for those British compatriots, as well as those who are proud of their British ancestry, who feel the same way, why not join me in a virtual toast, “God save the Queen and may she long reign over us!  I give you the Queen!”