Not that he knew much about it, but yesterday the royal baby was presented to the world. Millions of people appreciated that special moment. Although having no name, as yet, he has a title, Prince of Cambridge. William and Kate acted like any other new parents, proud to show off their new baby and rightly so. To them he was and is very special.

But think about this. We all began the same way, maybe not with a title or with such family connections or with such a destiny, but certainly we had parents who proudly showed us off to the world when we arrived.

 Why say this? Because it just gives us an opportunity to remind ourselves of our uniqueness. When you were born you were special to your parents. When you first walked, rode a bike, your first day at school – all these were occasions when you were looked upon as being very special. Then the day came when you walked down the aisle to be married. Could you have been any more special than that day?

 Well, nothing has changed. You may have changed outwardly and life may not have been kind to you. However, whatever others have thrown at you or how many bites life has taken out of you, deep down you are still the same person. There never will be another you. You are unique, priceless and irreplaceable. You are incredibly important to those who love you. You are still very special.

 So on those down days, those days of self-doubt when you head towards being despondent, remember just how special you are. That is how God looks at you and He loves you. Remind yourself constantly of who you are and revel in God’s love.