None of us are exempt from making choices. Throughout life we make choices, some small, some big, some good, some bad but the end result is the same – we have to live with the results of those choices, be they bitter or sweet.

Many things we choose are common place and insignificant but major life choices can be and usually are extremely important and can have a far-reaching affect.

Think about the choice of marriage. Who you marry is a critical decision, especially if you have children because they then are peculiar to your marriage. Have you ever thought that if you had not married your particular spouse then those children would never have existed?  Not a nice thought when you think about how special your children are to you.

Another aspect is this. If you had married someone else, your whole life may have gone down a completely different path, especially if some choices had been made together.

Your choice of relationships, your choice of education, your career, of where you live, where you go to church; they all play essential parts in your life. They all influence your enjoyment of life or the opposite. They influence your level of contentment or discontent. They create satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Such are the long tentacles of choice making. Choices can make you or break you.

Take just one little example. If we eat too many desserts and do no exercise then that choice will bring its own result!  However, if we do the opposite – less desserts and exercise, as painful as that is – that will bring its own reward!

So whatever choices you make on this journey of life remember this. You will always enjoy or endure the result. To ensure a good result consider all the implications involved, upon you, upon your family and upon others in your circle of friends. Our choices often carry the ripple effect.

Finally, if you want to make a choice which brings happiness, contentment and satisfaction then offer someone your love today. You might be surprised and delighted at the result.  That can only be a good choice!