Last week we heard that a friend was in hospital unexpectedly. When that happens the situation surrounding the person’s health suddenly becomes the focus of the family and rightly so. All other aspects of life take a back seat. Things we thought were so important in our everyday lives suddenly become less important, less urgent and maybe take a more balanced and rightful place in life. So I ask the question, “What is important to you?”

I came to the conclusion that there are three things which I feel should be important to us, faith, family and friends and in that order.

Faith: Without a faith we have nothing to hold on to outside of ourselves. If we have no faith in God then we are left totally to our own devices to face the issues, suffer through them and hope all turns out well. With faith comes trust and the knowledge that God is sovereign, that He is in control and has our interest at heart. He provides grace and strength to help us overcome during these sudden adverse situations.

Family: The love and support of our family is necessary at all times but is critical in times of crises. Maintaining a good relationship within the family is extremely important and we ignore it to our own detriment. Genuine love from family members provides an under-girding of quiet support. It creates an empathy which helps to uphold each other in the common adversity.

Friends: There is no substitute for a real friend, a close friend, one who sticks with you through thick and thin. Such friends are invaluable because they are willing to stand with you, to run errands for you, to sit in waiting rooms with you and to get or prepare food for you and the family. They have a sensitivity to the seriousness of the situation and act accordingly. They become pillars of strength and never seem to tire of being there for you.

I think we would do well to consider the importance of our faith, our families and our friends and do this, before we hit a crisis!  What do you think?