Is Self-Image Important?

Is Self-Image Important? I read recently that our self-image is important. It is probably true that our self-image does influence much of our action, our feelings, and the presentation of ourselves. If you have a good self-image, inevitably it will give you a sense of...

When is Old?

When is old? A good question. One that is asked by many of us as we age. How we like to keep pushing the number on. Some people like to think that old is always ten years more than they are. Just recently I couldn’t remember something and said to Rita, ‘I can’t...

The Inevitable and Unavoidable

The inevitable and unavoidable! I want to mention a subject which is not normally discussed at the breakfast table, in fact, probably at most meal tables. It is the subject of our demise. Now please don’t switch off or stop reading! Interestingly, I have found a...


ON BEING HUMAN! I want to share with you what I think to be a heart-warming story. In Sao Paulo, a city in Brazil of approximately 12 million people, it is estimated that there are up to twenty thousand homeless people. A lady named Shalla saw one of these homeless...

Near Death Experience

Near Death Experience! I have recently become very interested in the extraordinary number of near-death experiences reported. Perhaps it is because I am no longer as young as I used to be and although I look forward to being a hundred in 17 years’ time, I do realize...

Who is left behind?

WHO IS LEFT BEHIND? Recently in the news we heard about two apartment fires. One where 12 people died including seven children, another where 19 people died including 10 children. We heard that 70 people were killed by tornadoes in the States recently and then we...

The Pandemic…from where I sit.

The Pandemic … from where I sit.   I am sure this is the first pandemic that most of us have ever experienced, and hopefully it will be the last. We have readily identified the downside, the negative aspects and the total inconvenience we have endured for the...

Where am I? or Where are you?

Where am I? or Where are you? If we were to answer that question we would probably say something like “I’m right here in…”and then mention a location. But that is not the answer. I am currently reading a book entitled The Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard, who talks...

Life goes by so quickly!

LIFE GOES BY SO QUICKLY! As a cow likes to chew on the cud so old men like to ruminate on life. At my age when your birthday comes round you sense it is an achievement! Around my birthday last year I wrote a piece entitled “Life is but a moment!”  I assume people tend...

What’s happening to our friends?

What’s happening to our friends? In three weeks I will be two years into my ninth decade. For those who don’t want to work that out, it means I will be eighty-two years old. In keeping with the title I am concerned as to what is happening to our friends. Obviously, it...

They are working for us!

They are working for us! The pandemic is causing health systems to break down. Many are stretched to the limit, if not already beyond their limits. Many hospitals have no more beds available. Not enough equipment. Shortage of emergency supplies. People are being...

The Unseen Victims!

The Unseen Victims, The global pandemic has now claimed over two million lives which causes us extreme sadness. At the same time it has brought psychological suffering for thousands of others. Incessant isolation has brought stress and anxiety, Constant loneliness has...

What’s your purpose for living?

WHAT’S YOUR PURPOSE FOR LIVING? In a mental health study 7948 college students were asked what was important to them. Sixteen percent said “making a lot of money” but 78% responded “finding a purpose and meaning to my life.”  If asked, what would you consider to be...

Seeing Beyond Tomorrow

Seeing beyond tomorrow. We all know that last year was abominable. For many families it was a tragic year. With the pandemic overshadowing and restricting our activity, 2020 will go down in infamy as a year to be forgotten. However, the good thing is that it can only...

Caregiving and Covid!

Caregiving and Covid! Caregiving in normal times is not easy but caregiving in this time of pandemic is like a burden on top of a burden. For normal families and households the restrictions are irksome, but for the caregiver it brings added stress and isolation. With...

Thanksgiving and the Pandemic

Thanksgiving and the Pandemic. I know we have passed Thanksgiving here in Canada but living so close to the USA, we are reminded it will be Thanksgiving there shortly. It might seem ironic to even talk about thanksgiving during this time of pandemic. In fact, one...

Need Encouragement.

  (I am indebted for this unsolicited blog post by Nancy Kingdon, the founder and director of Writing Legacy, Need Encouragement?          Want a Timely Read                Full of Unforgettable Quotes and Great Advice?   AUDIENCE:...

Forgiveness is a tough call!

It is hard to understand how anyone can forgive some atrocities, like the murder of a child, the killing of a family member by a drunk driver or even being swindled out of your life savings. We know these things happen, all too frequently. We also know that people...

From Suffering to Serenity

Suffering to Serenity! Children are so innocent. They are also so vulnerable and impressionable. Many of us had good childhoods, loved, accepted and set on the right tracks. Others, unfortunately, found themselves subjected to direct abuse in their growing-up years,...

The Faces of Others!

As I look into the faces of my fellow residents here at the Retirement Community, I think of the lives that have been lived. Lives of purpose. Lives with meaning. Lives filled with love. Of loves won and loves lost. The warmth of joy. The bitter cold of sadness. Memories galore or none at all. […]

A small kindness is a big blessing!

Because Rita, my wife, has Parkinson’s we are subject to public scrutiny. By that I mean people readily notice the difficulties we face in handling everyday occurrences – like getting seated in a restaurant. On one occasion Rita lost her balance getting up from a restaurant table even while being held and promptly landed in […]

Life is a Dilemma!

Keeping on an even keel throughout life is virtually impossible. Highs and lows are normal. Achievement and failure. Content and discontent. Happiness and sadness. The pendulum swings backwards and forwards. Our emotions and feelings vacillate accordingly. Not sure about you but I find life a dilemma. As a Christian I am called to be content […]

Breaking News!

How many times do we hear that phrase? When we hear it we usually prick up our ears as it normally conveys something which is taking place or has just taken place. That is unless you are watching CNN where they have a program called “Breaking News” and it is nothing but old news regurgitated […]

Second Thoughts – Second Guess – Second Chance!

One day during a few quiet moments a friend of mine who I think should remain nameless, began to take stock of his journey of life. By anyone’s standard he had been very successful in what he had accomplished. Many would wish for his position. However, deep down he wondered if there was something more, […]


Have you ever considered how unique you are? You are a “one-off.” There is no one else like you, nor ever will be. We must be like snow-flakes – all different.  No two people are the same. God broke the mold when he made you.  Our DNA is different. Our fingerprints are different. Our siblings […]


  Life is like walking a tightrope. We have to learn how to keep our balance. Just as balance is needed physically to walk upright in an orderly manner so we need balance in a myriad of ways for us to live ordered lives. A balanced life is an ordered and disciplined life. We may […]


I am amazed at how people can just disappear. They assume a new identity and remain hidden and “off the grid” for decades. Family, friends and the authorities are at a loss to locate them.  They must live in dread that one day they may hear the words, “Are you really who you say you […]


As the old adage says, “What you don’t know can kill you.”   I offer a solution in the last paragraph but think about this. You shake someone’s hand who is beginning a cold and before you know it you too have a cold. You can’t see salmonella in your food or E.coli in the water […]


THE BUSINESS OF BUSYNESS!   We have all heard the phrase, “I am busier than a one-armed paper-hanger!”  Well maybe not exactly those words but certainly the inference that life is busy. Is busyness a symptom of our life style or a symptom of our society? Is busyness forced upon us by external forces or […]


WHAT HAVE WE FORGOTTEN?   A few days ago I wrote about the memory and how some people are tragically locked into the present because they cannot remember the past and cannot comprehend a future. If you did not see that piece you may want to read it on my Facebook page. Let me add […]


DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN……….? I am reading, for the second time, a book entitled “Moonwalking with Einstein” by Joshua Foer. A fascinating book on memory. The essence of the book is to divulge the secrets of mental athletes who can recall and quote hundreds of random words or more than a thousand numerical digits all […]


Five minutes from death!   I have just read an article with that title. A somewhat disturbing report not so much on being dead in five minutes but that many people are unaware of the potentiality. The article was all about prescription drugs The figures given relate to the United States but should still be […]

Do you know who you are?

I recently wrote a piece about us not knowing each other. We “know of” many people but probably only “really know” a few.  Today I want to look at the other side of the coin. How well do we know ourselves? Remember the old Greek adage, “Know thyself!” That wasn’t a throw-away line, it had […]

Do you know who I am?

Several years ago I ran into a Christian television presenter. On his program and elsewhere he was always known simply by his first name. So I said “Hello Brian”. (Not his real name)  He looked at me as though I was an alien from space and replied, “Do I know you?” I was really tempted […]

The Dark Prison of Depression!

Recently we heard of a friend who had been released from her depression.  We are delighted for her. I used the word released because that it is exactly what it is like. It’s a very dark prison. My wife Rita has experienced several bouts of deep depression over the years and we know the scenario […]

What is your biggest regret?

Maybe you have never been asked that question before – so I am asking you now!  Think about it for a few moments. It might surprise you what comes to mind. As I get older I can’t help looking back and reflecting on what has been. If I knew years ago what I know now […]


HAVE YOU CHANGED YOUR MIND?   It used to be said that it was a woman’s prerogative to change her mind. That may still stand but today we are told that all of us can change our mind and in so doing change our brain. If you have read any of Dr. Caroline Leaf’s books […]

The Magic of Memories!

The Magic of Memories!   Have you ever heard a piece of music and immediately you are transported elsewhere? The time and place has changed and you are back into the familiar surroundings associated with the music. It happens to me when I hear certain music from the sixties – which is not too often […]

The Power of Positivity!

The Power of Positivity!   If anyone had reason for a pity party or to suffer from the “poor me” syndrome, it was Bethany Hamilton. The thirteen year old lost an arm to a shark while surfing in Hawaii. She refused to be negative about the accident. Only ten weeks later she was surfing again […]

What is important to you?

WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU?   Although this question might be answered differently by each of us there are some basic important issues in life with which we would all agree. Life itself is important which goes without saying. Health is also an important issue because without it, what do we have?  But assuming those […]